François Taïani

Deep & wide: Distributed programming in a large-scale fast-moving world (talk)

invited talk, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse (France), 20 July 2010, 2010

In this talk, I review ongoing work at Lancaster on distributed programming technologies for highly dynamic and heterogeneous environments. These environments typically present challenges in terms of scale, mobility, and/or operational constrains and call for highly-flexible and multi-faceted programming technologies. To illustrate our philosophy, I first discuss our effort to dynamically generate interoperable connectors in large-scale long-running systems,and our work on a continent- wide wireless sensor networks (WSN) test bed. I will finally spend some time on our early attempts to close the tool-chain loop with appropriate analysis software for complex distributed systems.



This talk gives an overview of some recent research in the Next Generation Middleware group of Lancaster.

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