François Taïani

Proceedings of the 5th MiNEMA Workshop (Middleware for Network Eccentric and Mobile Applications)

Magdeburg, Germany, September, 2007 (79p.)


On behalf of the organisation team, and the MiNEMA project, I would like to welcome you to the 5 th MiNEMA Workshop. MiNEMA is an European Science Foundation (ESF) Scientific Programme aiming to bring together European groups from different communities working on middleware for mobile environments. The programme intends to foster the definition and implementation of widely recognised middleware abstractions for new and emerging mobile applications.

This year's MiNEMA workshop again promises to be extremely interesting, with 13 accepted contributions from 12 different countries: 10 within Europe (Switzerland, Portugal, UK, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Italy), and two in North America (USA and Canada). The accepted papers cover a wide range of exciting topics, from Multicast Protocols and Overlay Networks through to Publish/Subscribe Systems and Wireless Sensor Applications.

I would like to use this place to thank warmly the Programme Committee Members for their dedicated work, which allowed for a very smooth reviewing process. I would also like to thank the Organisation Team in Magdeburg for their perfect logistics, with a special mention to Thomas Kiebel for his tremendous support in all things technical, and in particular for setting up and maintaining the workshop web-site. Also thanks to Prof. Jörg Kaiser and Prof. Luís Rodrigues for their advise and help in arranging the workshop programme. Last but not least, thanks to the MiNEMA project and the European Science Foundation for providing the funding for this event.

François Taïani
5 th MiNEMA Workshop Programme coordinator

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