Jo Ueyama, Edmundo R. M. Madeira, François Taïani, Raphael Y. de Camargo, Paul Grace, and Geoff Coulson

Exploiting a Generic Approach to Construct Component-Based Systems Software in Linux Environments

International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, volume 20, issue 6, pp. 843-873, 2010 (31p.)

Component-based software engineering has recently emerged as a promising solution to the development of system-level software. Unfortunately, current approaches are limited to specific platforms and domains. This lack of generality is particularly problematic as it prevents knowledge sharing and generally drives development costs up. In the past, we have developed a generic approach to component-based software engineering for system-level software called OpenCom. In this paper, we present OpenComL an instantiation of OpenCom to Linux environments and show how it can be profiled to meet a range of system-level software in Linux environments. For this, we demonstrate its application to constructing a programmable router platform and a middleware for parallel environments.

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