François Taïani, and Jean-Charles Fabre

Some Challenges in Adaptive Fault Tolerant Computing

Proceedings of the 12th European Workshop on Dependable Computing, EWDC 2009, Rapport LAAS n. 09169 , Toulouse, France, May, pp. 3 pages, 2009 (2p.)

As mission-critical computer-based systems grow in size, they must provide increasing levels of flexibility to address evolving requirements and cater for rapidly changing operational conditions. In this context, dynamic adaptation appears as a powerful enabler to allow these systems to change while maintaining their services, a key requirement in large long-running applications. Because they are mission-critical, these systems must also adapt to evolving threats, and be able to react to changes in service priorities, which naturally leads to the need for adaptive fault tolerance, a notion formulated a decade ago. Unfortunately, and in spite of a number of pioneering works, adaptive fault tolerance remains a challenging and poorly understood area, with a number of technological roadblocks preventing wide industrial adoption.

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