Nathan Weston, François Taïani, and Awais Rashid

Interaction Analysis for Fault-Tolerance in Aspect-Oriented Programming

Proceedings of the Workshop on Methods, Models and Tools for Fault Tolerance (MeMoT), held in conjunction with iFM 2007: integrated Formal Methods, Technical report CS-TR-1032, Newcastle University, UK, July, pp. 95-102, 2007 (8p.)

The key contribution of Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) is the encapsulation of crosscutting concerns in aspects, which facilities modular reasoning. However, common methods of introducing aspects into the system, incorporating features such as implicit control-flow, mean that the ability to discover interactions between aspects can be compromised. This has profound implications for developers working on fault-tolerant systems. We present an analysis for aspects which can re- veal these interactions, thus providing insight into positioning of error detection mechanisms and outlining candidate containment units. We also present Aida, an implementation of this analysis for the AspectJ language.

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